RYOBI battery-powered Nailer or Stapler doesn’t fire deep enough

Last update: 16/03/2023, 14:29

Applicable Models

R18GN18, R18ST50-0, R18NL15-0, R18NL16-0, R18ST-0, R18NL-0

If you find your nails don't fire deep enough or your brads aren't flush, try the following:

  • Check the battery to ensure there’s enough charge (at least 2 bars on the battery fuel gauge).
  • Check the power adjustment dial or switch that is on the back of the tool to ensure the Nailer has the right amount of power for the application (shooting nails into Hardwood will require full power).
  • Check the depth adjustment dial that is adjacent to the nose of the Nailer to ensure the correct depth is set for your application - this isn't applicable to the 18V ONE+ Stapler - Tool Only (R18ST50-0).
  • Your tool may need a combination of power adjustment and depth adjustment to achieve the desired result, and may require some trial and error.
  • Improper technique such as ‘bouncing’ the gun off the workpiece or not gripping the tool firmly can cause the nails to stick out or not fire deep enough.
  • To use the gun correctly, hold the gun vertical to the workpiece and apply firm downward pressure before squeezing the trigger.



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