How to clear a jammed RYOBI battery-powered Nailer or Stapler

Last update: 16/03/2023, 15:28

Applicable Models

R18GN18, R18NL15-0, R18NL16-0, R18ST-0, R18NL-0, R16GN18, R18GS18

If your RYOBI Nailer or Stapler has a jammed nail or staple, follow these steps:

Step Action
1. Take the Battery out of the tool.
2. Remove the nails or staples that aren’t jammed from the tool magazine, which takes the pressure off the jammed nail.
3. Pull up on the latch at the nose of the tool and open the jam release.
4. Insert a flat blade screwdriver into the driving mechanism and push the firing pin back with the blade of the screwdriver, which should free access to the jammed nail or staple.
5. Remove the jammed nail or staple (you may need to use a pair of pointed nose pliers to help).
6. Close the jam release and latch.
7. Re-insert nails or staples and battery.

What causes the nails to jam? 

  • Incorrect size, type and angle nails or staples can cause a jam - always ensure the correct gauge of nails or staples is being used. 
  • Confirm the angle required for collation nails matches that of the Nailer or Stapler magazine specifications - the ratings plate on your tool will indicate the specifications for your model - see example below
nailer rating plate example
  • If using a Nailer, check that the nails or are straight and in good condition with no corrosion. 
  • Check that the magazine of your Brad Nailer or Stapler is clean and dry with no sticky residue remaining – we recommend you do this more frequently with regular use of the tool.


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