Drill Bits slip in RYOBI Drill Driver chuck

Last update: 22/08/2022, 17:08

Applicable Models

RPD18C, RDD18C, RPD18X, R18DD3-0, R18PD3-0, R18PD7-0

  • Depending on the type of chuck, it’s common for smaller Drill Bits (around 1-3mm or less) not to grip. Consider using a RYOBI 18V One+ Rotary Tool (R18RT-0) if this continues to happen.
  • The Drill Bit may also have dust or liquid on the Bit, which might cause it to slip - this can be prevented by cleaning the end of the Drill Bit that goes into the chuck.
  • Some Drill Bits come with a hex shank or 3-flat shank, which can also help prevent slippage. We recommend the Kango 8mm Impact HSS Drill Bit (KYIDB8).
  • Depending on the type of chuck, make sure when tightening that the Bit is seated in the chuck jaws with equal seating / pressure applied by the chuck jaws.
  • Check Drill Bits for excess wear or damage as this can also affect the holding power of the chuck.
  • Check the rating of the capacity of the chuck either located in the instruction manual or listed/engraved on the front of the chuck. If the Bits are outside of the chuck’s rated capacity it may be better to use a different tool, such as Drill press or rotary tool for the job.


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