RYOBI Secateurs not cutting properly

Last update: 12/08/2022, 14:18

Applicable Models


Check the condition of your blades regularly. 

If your blade has become blunt or damaged, you can replace the blade following the below steps:

  1.  Remove the battery.
  2. Flip up and turn the blade knob counter clockwise 2-3 times to loosen it. 
  3. Nudge the blade knob up and down 2-3 times until the screw pops out. Turn the blade knob counter clockwise again. 
  4. Remove the blade knob, screw, and blade washer. 
  5. Remove the used cutting blade and dispose of it properly. Install the new cutting blade. 
  6. Reinstall the blade washer, screw, and blade knob. Turn the blade knob clockwise and flip it down to secure it. 
  7. Make sure to hold the screw in place while turning the blade knob. Make sure to align the teeth of the blade knob with the ring gear before flipping it down. 
  8. Don’t overtighten the blade knob. The torque setting is 0.45-0.6 Nm.

For replacement blades: 

  1. Locate the serial plate with your model number. 
  2. Order replacement blade from the Special Orders Desk at your local Bunnings store referencing part number ‘R18XSEC20- RAC319 (099248002002)’

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