RYOBI Airwave/Pneumatic Brad Nailer doesn't fire deep enough

Last update: 16/03/2023, 14:26

Applicable Models

RA-NBS1664-S, RA-NBS1832-S, RA-NB1832-S, RA-NBA1564-K, RA-NB1664-S

If the fastener is protruding: 
Step Action
1. If the fastener is protruding, increase the air pressure by increments of 0.5 bar, checking the result after each new adjustment. It is preferred to adjust the depth adjustment knob to reach the preferred fastening effect.
2. The amount of air pressure required will depend on the size of the fastener and the hardness of the workpiece material.
3. It may be possible to achieve the desired depth with air pressure adjustments alone. If finer adjustments are required, use the drive depth adjustment on the tool.


If the Nailer is failing to fire nails deep enough:
Step Action
1. Disconnect the tool from the air supply.
2. Turn the depth adjustment knob left or right to modify the driving depth.
3. Reconnect the tool to the air supply.
4. Drive a test fastener after each adjustment until the desired depth is set.
5. If your Brad Nailer is failing to fire nails deep enough, ensure the Air Pressure Regulator is set to 90psi (maximum pressure), and that the Compressor Pressure Gauge is showing over 85psi.
6. Ensure that when squeezing the trigger to fire your Brad Nailer, that you are depressing the Nailer/No-Mar Pad against your work/application before squeezing the trigger.


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