Fix RYOBI Pressure Washer with low/no water pressure

Last update: 22/01/2023, 18:51

Applicable Models


  • Make sure the tap is turned on to medium pressure
  • If drawing water from non-mains supply is there enough water pressure
  • If drawing water from a bucket is there is not enough minimum water pressure to run the machine correctly (doesn't apply to 36V model)
  • Check the garden hose for kinks or blockages
  • Check the pressure hose for kinks
  • If your using an inline water filter, check its not blocked
  • Check the nozzle for blockages and clear with supplied cleaning tool
  • Check the quality of supply of water as often tank water can have contaminants that can block the nozzle
  • For AC models:
    • The motor maybe low on power if running extra long or multiple extension leads. Only use one lead suitable for outdoor use and no longer than 25m
  • For models with inline filter included:
    • Check & clean the inline filter if fitted
  • For 36V model:
    • Check the power setting is set to "Boost"
    • The battery has enough charge and is seated correctly

If there's a low/no consistent stream of water: 

  • The line needs to be "primed" before each initial use. 
  • Check the nozzle is clear. Use the supplied cleaning tool to check and clean the nozzle


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